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At first I’ll update the campaign in Portuguese, but eventually you’ll see English versions as well. Cya!

Of Lost and Vengeance

A hundred years after the last rage of dragons, the machinations of the Wearers of Purple to bring a reign of Death to Faerun are in motion once more. But not in the way you’d expect.

The first signs of rebellion inside the cult are revealed, and the secrete cult agent Balthasar of the Sembia sect is murdered. To accomplish this, the village of Trost is taken to ruins by a Red Dragon of immense power and some cultists in disguise. Among the survivors, a half-elf swears to hunt the cult in search of his kidnapped sister. And in the other side of town, a man swears vengeance upon the body of his wife and child that he would take the heart of the dragon who killed them with his bare hands.

Far from there, in the city of Neverwinter, a murdering plot break apart two soul mates. Two young woman had their lives drastically changed when one of them is killed in cold blood and the other transforms itself in a cold hearted devil. The cold woman embraces herself in the servitude of pain, and in the warm and torturous arms of Loviatar it finds relief.

And in the wake of that year, a young elf running from his past starts to see that the so called freedom that he fights for is not what it seems.

Nothing is what it seems.

Seven years have passed, and in the autumn of 1488 DR, what looks like the fateful destiny unites these souls in the city of Greenest against a common enemy… Will so different characters join against a common cause, or are they destined to battle each other? Will these characters save the realms if they can’t save themselves?

Welcome to the Rise of the Dragonlords.

Rise of the Dragonlords

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